Family Law

At Felix & Killen, we assist clients in a wide variety of family law matters. Our attorneys offer skilled, dedicated and supportive representation for some of life’s most impactful legal issues. Whether your concern is a prenuptial agreement, divorce, legal separation, custody, or support, we are here to help.Our attorneys and staff are committed to providing affordable legal counsel without sacrificing quality of service, dedication or sincerity. We always put our clients’ interests first and accomplish results in the most reasonable way possible, while providing personal attention to the case and the individual circumstances.


Our Approach:

In family matters, our first approach is always negotiation and settlement, especially when the parties will be parenting children together. We strongly believe that the parties should be able to resolve their differences in a realistic, reasonable and non-confrontational fashion. However, if disputes cannot be resolved by agreement, our attorneys will zealously represent you in court.

The attorneys at Felix & Killen are fully aware that every family law matter is fact-specific. Therefore, every client’s case is planned with the client’s goals and specific facts in mind. Throughout the entire legal process, Felix & Killen’s friendly and professional staff remain committed to helping our clients through the difficult times in their lives.