Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Lawyer Carpinteria and Santa Barbara

The attorneys at Felix & Killen are experienced with a variety of civil litigation matters, especially those arising from matters related to our primary practice areas of family law and corporate matters. We also handle certain personal injury lawsuits including, motor vehicle accidents, and sports and recreational injuries.

Our attorneys have helped resolve many potential litigation matters without ever filing a lawsuit. Our approach is always to first seek amicable and reasonable resolution of disputes at a minimum of expense for both sides. However, when filing or responding to a lawsuit is necessary, the attorneys at Felix & Killen will fight tirelessly to protect you, your family and your rights. We understand that no one wants to be involved in a lawsuit, but when they are they need strong, capable representation from attorneys who listen to and understand clients’ goals in order to provide effective and efficient legal services.

Our clients value our approach to fee setting because it gives them peace of mind and a clear understanding of the value they will receive. In many cases we are able to offer flat fees for services, and in others we are sometimes able to offer fees on a contingency basis – that is, the client does not pay any legal fees unless we resolve the case in the client’s favor. Our fees are always reasonable and clearly stated before you are charged for any work.